Hours Apple Watch future you may get the buttons non-mechanical touch-sensitive

Apple Watch

One of the changes made by Apple on the iPhone in recent years is the removal of the main button the actual traditional for button key rigid account for. This button mimics the main button, the actual traditional but because it does not move, it means he’s less likely to damage the mechanical with the knowledge that this is the harm that had many iPhone users to deal with it in the past.

Although we did not hear many reports about the failure of Digital Solutions for the smart watch Apple Watch, but Apple is trying to bypass this potential problem. According to a new report released recently from the website Fast Company, he says he got information from his own sources that the hours of the Apple Watch in the future will most likely use the main button to rigid, sensitive to the touch.

Can still button the same rotation as the disk, only that in terms of touch sensitivity, it will mimic the main button rigid in the iPhone modern technology where it will increase engine vibration Taptic Engine users the responses of tactile feedback that indicates the button is pressed. In addition to minimizing mechanical failure, the removal of the button the actual also lead to freeing up space inside the clock which may allow using a bigger battery.

The website Fast Company did not indicate when Apple will begin using this New button in the Apple Watch, but he suggested that he will be released either this year or next year. We’ve heard rumors that the Apple Watch Series 4 You can get a new design with a larger screen, so maybe this button is sensitive to a part of this new design, but until we get the official details, please deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection.


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