Hours Apple Watch future may include a sensor integrated UV

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Exposure to the sun is healthy because it gives us vitamin D, but at the same time you can have exposure to a lot of sunlight is bad because the UV rays have the ability to bring about skin cancer. However, as the amount of exposure to the appropriate people? This is hoping Apple telling users to do in the future by including the sensor of the UV in the Smart Watch Apple Watch.

It turned out recently that Apple has applied for a patent describing how you can come to hours Apple Watch future sensors UV built around the framework of the smart watch. Will these sensors to alert the wearer when they are exposed to sunlight for very long periods.

Came to the description of the patent as follows : ” the device uses sensor lighting UV detector facing the user in the outside-time measurement of external exposure is cumulative. Is to provide cumulative exposure to UV radiation optionally via the messaging service or development, and use the value of the UV index optionally with external exposure cumulative to determine the risk of damage to the skin and to provide guidance to the user in relation to preventive measures recommended “.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the patent would turn to the fact or not, but we wouldn’t be surprised in case if its Apple to the fact. Come the Apple Watch Series 4 with the feature diagram for concern, we also heard that Apple is targeting further ways to non-invasively measure the rate of glucose in the blood as well.


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