Hours Apple Watch future may be able to detect strokes Adam

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

Since the launch of smart watch Apple Watch, one of its features is the ability to allow users to know whether they suffer from high or low sudden in heart rate, suggesting that they may suffer from a heart problem. This has contributed to the water in the rescue of many users. Has been improved later by using the advantage of EKG, which proved to be useful also, although not the approval of some doctors.

It seems now that in the future, you can use Apple Watch to detect strokes also. This according to a new report released recently from the news agency USA Today which reported that Apple is working with Johnson & Johnson in the study depend on the Apple Watch to help reduce the risk of stroke. According to Paul Stoffels, who holds the position of executive vice president and the Chief officials and scientists at Johnson & Johnson, has stated by saying : ” the goal is early identification of atrial fibrillation and Prevention of stroke through a combination of material knowledge of Apple and what we have from the scientific and medical knowledge “.

Added head of operations at Apple, Mr. Jeff Williams : ” we receive thank you letters every day from users of Apple Watch who discover that they suffer from atrial fibrillation. We want a deeper understanding of the results and Prevention associated with early detection. We are excited to work with Johnson & Johnson, which has a long history and expertise in diseases of the heart and blood vessels “.

However, we should not expect the arrival of this feature in the near future. You will begin this study later this year, is expected to continue for several years, which means that if there is any kind of development, you won’t be in the near future. For the water other medical you work on Apple, they are way to non-invasively measure glucose levels in the blood.

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