Hours Apple TV of the future will enable it to monitor the quality of sleep

It seems that Apple choose the feature to track sleep for generations at a smart future according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Since the second-generation Apple TV launches every year a new version of the hours, but according to the source the next generation of Apple Watch will be released through 2020 the characteristics of the monitor to sleep if you have passed the trial period successfully.

Recall that the Grimms first for Apple in the world of smart watches, Fitbit, and offer the advantage of observing the sleeping bodies years ago.

And you can even Apple TV from the competition in this aspect the biggest challenge with regard to the age of the battery up to a full week in the hours Fitbit, while asking the current generations of the Apple Watch shipping daily

Although Apple still has the largest share in the market of smart watches, it has lost last year, part of its share in favor of Fitbit, according to research firm Gartner, with the knowledge that it expects to increase shipments hours Apple by 40% through 2019, any number of shipments is.1 million units.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has a product specialist to monitor the quality of sleep called “Beddit”, where acquired Apple TV manufacturer in 2017, as they provide the application health tab sleep, but it requires manual input of information.

In recent years, turned Apple Watch to monitor tool Health With provide features such as electrocardiography (ECG) revealed an irregular heart rate (IHR), so it’s natural to be monitoring the quality of sleep is the next step.

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