Hotels smart: book the rooms and even leave the Office via phones without human help

الفنادق الذكية؛ من حجز الغرف وحتى مغادرة المكان عبر الهواتف دون مساعدة بشرية

Before with the beginning of the last century was booking a place to stay after the flight is direct access to the hotel to take a room or suite to rest, but later improved it with the development of communication techniques that there is a way to use a traditional phone to connect to hotels and to book an appointment, which continued So long that the advent of the Millennium, which began with the proliferation of web sites that make the hotels the launch of their web pages to assist people in selecting and booking of hotels and easier, and all that was to come with the help of a basic human.

But this is a few years after the beginning of the millennium in a way to radically, as if the hotel is available or not, the possibility of booking and payment of costs, or login, and even logged out and meals etc became a lot easier, because everything is done through the application of smart phone owned by anyone in the world. Perhaps the only thing that will need a person to help mankind, is service delivery, which soon will become the mechanism also.

The new phase of hotels called the smart hotels have started already in the first stages of the real, but she’s got a big leap to spread recently, as the application WeChat developed by the company Tencent will start the management of smart hotels in China, following a partnership with hotel chain InterContinental the opening of the intelligent hotel allows booking rooms, signing in and out, and do the rest of requests through the messaging application of knowledge without human help.

And speaking of smart hotels can be clear that her idea appeared previously in control through apps and smart devices to existing hotels, and similar to those found in the houses, but she didn’t get to fully control through the application of the year, to change that thanks to the application WeChat, which no longer depends on the messaging and support in China, it became the center of massive data for many processes.

She was smart hotels in China began as a partnership between Alibaba and Baidu, where he was the first to rely on technology in artificial intelligence and facial recognition in considered the second on the assistance to the audio to do the job, which is what was planned by the Tencent currently.

New technologies and functions to provide

الفنادق الذكية: من حجز الغرف وحتى مغادرة المكان عبر الهواتف دون مساعدة بشرية

What does that mean? the The existence of this point, the hotels won’t need a receptionist, not even staff to inspect rooms and to open them, or even make an effort in the delivery and receipt of cards and hotels, because all that will be using the app, and the fact that it represents an evolution of the terrible technique in the service of the hotels will be certainly hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on hotels, but on the other side will hit the Post Hotel which will help the modern technologies with the disposal.

Of course, this will not be limited to the functions of stability, especially since the idea of delivery by the robot began even though need recently, which means that other functions may be dispensable, especially since the idea started in South Korea in general from LG with shopping cart self-driving in chain store E-Mart, which means the possibility of exploiting such gigs as a robot a robot to deliver items in hotels in the future, maybe it goes beyond that to the possibility of administration via the same app.

It can be said that it will not be limited to the functions of hotel, but maybe it comes to become the rest of the companies dealing in this method, instead of having a receptionist at a corporation, may be compensated for the application of intelligent cities can change through the management interviews, appointments, like, or even are allowing people to enter the company through the unique code given on the app without having to audit all the information and taking the time and effort to it; this will be massive development, especially in the case of the use of techniques such as block Qi, where everything becomes smart and delicate and is not just one of them.

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