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Without a doubt, when the need arises to choose a wireless speaker system, among the first almost all I remember of the solution, branded JBL by HARMAN. Recently, we featured a new range of headphones, which is very logical to fit all models. Offer to understand what was happening.

The range of headphones called JBL LIVE. The series includes 5 models:

  • LIVE 100 (internal wired)
  • LIVE 200BT (channel wireless)
  • LIVE 400BT (false)
  • LIVE 500BT (full-size)
  • LIVE 650BTNC (full-size)

The entire line is made in modern design. To increase the reliability and comfort of use, design has found its application aluminum, textiles, and very pleasant to the touch plastic.

In order to meet the requirements of all categories of users, new items are offered in five color options. For all models except JBL LIVE 650BTNC, are available to choose from black, white, blue, red and green. The top version, in turn, is only available in black, blue and white.

At our disposal were three models from the list above. They all belong to the headset, which you can and should use on a daily basis. But I will tell you all about it.

In-ear wireless

One of the main design features of the JBL LIVE 200BT is the neck rim, allowing you to comfortably place the headphones on the neck. This method of fixing is convenient in that it will exclude the situation where the headphones slide off to the side. In addition to convenience, this design allows you to use a more capacious battery for greater autonomy.

Maximum battery life is 10 hours. Headphones also supports fast charging, allowing for 15 minutes of charging to save energy for 2 hours of work. For a full charge takes just 2 hours.

All control buttons, including stop/play, volume control and power switch are on the left as the socket for charging. The microphone is located on the right side.

Unlike some other models with similar design, the headphones have perhaps the perfect length of wire. It is sufficient to not hamper movement of the head, but does not allow wires to hang down very much.

As for the sound, then it is possible to mention brand-name “meatiness” of the sound from JBL. It does not indicates a clear predominance of low frequencies, though with them at JBL LIVE 200BT all right, we are talking more about the overall saturation and sharpness of separation of frequencies.

During testing we tried to play different genres of music but most of all we liked to listen to different varieties of rock. Despite the complexity of this genre, the headphones do an excellent job with all the fullness of the tool palette.

Supplied JBL LIVE 200BT not the rich, but sufficient. It includes charging cable brand orange, and three pairs of removable ear cushions.

If you choose categories of users that will suit JBL LIVE 200BT, you can call those who are important compactness, comfort and sound quality that is rarely seen in in-ear headphones for 4490 rubles.

Universal solution

The JBL LIVE 400BT in the new series takes place between in-ear and two versions of full-size headphones, but that’s what makes them a great choice for fans of overhead headphones.

To headphones that you can comfortably use for a long time, the headband is made of soft and design though, and elastic, but does not provide a very strong pressure on the ears.

Case not included, but the Cup can bend inwards so much that they will not play for the bottom of the headband.

The sound can be called soft, but melodic. Headphones do well with any frequencies, but low frequency is expressed in them a little less bright than in the in-ear or full size headphones. This is not a minus, but rather a feature of all overhead headphones.

An interesting feature of the JBL LIVE 400BT is the technology TalkThru. It allows one button to mute the music and enable the audio with external microphones. This will allow you to have a conversation with someone without removing the headphones.

Addition TalkThru will technologists Ambient Aware, which transmits the inside of the cups the most loud sounds, allowing you to not miss important alerts or signals affecting the safety of the user.

Cost JBL LIVE 400BT is 7499 rubles, which does not seem a large sum after you listen to these headphones.

Full size — full immersion

The crown line is the JBL LIVE 650BTNC. They sit perfectly on the head, and in addition to the passive noise reduction provided and active. Together, they provide almost complete isolation from external noises, allowing you to fully concentrate on the music.

Thanks to the padded headband and ear pads evenly distribute pressure on the head, use headphones for a long time does not cause any discomfort. Additionally, this contributes to a soft and lightweight aluminum construction.

All the control buttons placed on the right Cup. There you can disable the noise reduction system. In addition, to control headphones“, My JBL Headphpnes”

As JBL LIVE 650BTNC full-size, it is true the highest requirements for sound. All these requirements fully correspond to the headphones. You should wear them on your head for a couple of seconds to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and to break away from the music will be difficult.

All frequencies are perfectly balanced, displacement is almost there. We tried to play different genres of music from hip-hop to classical music and they all sound great. Where necessary, there is a clear deep bass, but it does not prevent the reproduction of vocals.

It is true that JBL LIVE 650BTNC are more expensive than other models in the lineup. The cost is 11499 rubles. On the other hand, it’s not much for full-sized headphones with active noise-cancellation headphones, with excellent sound and a native application.

The results

We, the editors, with great respect to products JBL. Each of us has something of the products of this brand. We were therefore pleased when they realized that the headphones from the new line did not disappoint.

All models continue to give rich signature JBL sound that can be named the best in its class, but at the same time, remember to keep up with the times, acquiring important technical and design improvements.

For that we love them and can safely say that the new lineup worthy of a niche in the market where they have very few competitors.

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