Honoring the orange and its leadership among the top 100 institutions in Egypt

In a festive special, on Monday evening last, the company was honored orange Egypt, Orange award Top 100 listed companies the Egyptian stock exchange, and that in the referendum the economic survey conducted by the magazine “money tomorrow” economic niche under the title “top best”.

And the award for the company Jean-Marc Harry the Chief Executive Officer of the company and the product, also beat what Nagy, Vice President of the company orange Egypt sector communications and publicity, the award for Best 50 women influential to 2017.

Held “top best” in its second session under the auspices of the prime minister, and witnessed the celebration of the presence of Dr. AMR garhy Minister of Finance and engineer Yasser judge, the Minister of communications and Information Technology Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of investment and international cooperation, Dr. Hala al-said Minister of planning and administrative reform Dr. ghada Wally Minister of social solidarity .

Drawing the participation of more than 500 Executive leadership of major companies operating in the Egyptian market and cover a wide range of media .

The “mid-Pentecost” the first network of women entrepreneurs in Egypt, founded by the most powerful 50 women influential in the Egyptian economy infected by “top best”, held in January, with the aim of highlighting the role of Egyptian women as an essential partner in economic development.

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