“Honor” tip the balance of street Abdul Aziz (picture)

Company opened a honor specialized in the manufacture of smart phones, the first center carries the Brand of the company in Egypt, and within the street Abdul Aziz area threshold in Cairo, which is the area that is called the market of main crop in Egypt.

Said the house of Mao, the general manager of Honor Egypt, the opening of the new headquarters which bears the name of the brand (honor) and was accompanied by Ahmad Abu al ouf head of the company contact the exclusive agent for honor, in the presence of a number of leaders in the telecommunications sector and trade in Egypt.

And opening a range of possibilities in front of the store, which continued throughout the day, and set off a car bearing the Brand of the company said the rounds in the streets to preserve the celebration of this occasion.

Said house, he’s happy to be in the Egyptian market, which is one of the most important markets for the company, confirming that the company was targeting the market, up 5% end of this year, but the large turnout on the phone makes achieving the numbers beyond expectations that we spotted her, explaining that the phone honor of 10 out of stock his own during just two weeks of its availability in the week in addition to the increased demand for their products from the family honor which reached 6 other models they honor 10, In addition to the honor of 7s and honor 7a and 9 light and 7x and 7c, the It phones start off the class price 1949 pounds and characteristics a sophisticated and attractive for consumers in terms of shape possibilities.

On the other side, opened the company, contact the exclusive agent to buy Honor a total of branches and offices managerial, in a number of governorates of Egypt, including ismailia and mansoura used any street Abdul Aziz University in Cairo, as in creation, his special presence for its products in all parts of the Republic.

It should be noted that the phone honer 10 is hugely popular, despite the short period that has been put in because of its potential tremendous and its price which does not exceed 8500 pounds in the time that comes closest competitor with the same specifications at a price more than 10 thousand pounds, which prevents the honer significant competitive advantage, as well as premature innovative attractive.

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