Honor lost prototype of the new smartphone and pay 5000 euros returned

Probably everyone remembers the story of the prototype iPhone 4 accidentally left in a bar now former Apple employee. You can imagine what was going on at the campus of the company when it learned of the thematic media. However, to get into such a situation could anyone. This was confirmed a member of the Chinese sub-brand Huawei — Honor, who lost a prototype of the future smartphone somewhere in Germany. But the interesting thing about this story is not the fact of loss, and the price you are willing to pay Honor to return the prototype back.

According to Gizmochina, marketer Honor Dr. Moritz Seidl came to düsseldorf last weekend to visit my family. Along with him was the prototype of the future smartphone Honor, which he experienced in the field. For safekeeping of test sample Seidl hid it in one of the compartments of his backpack, but when he decided to pull out the camera, he found that he was gone. Stole it or it just fell out of my pocket, hard to say, but Honor is hoping the prototype will return, and ready to pay his remuneration in the amount of 5,000 euros.

A new smartphone Honor

Honor was not afraid of the publicity of this case because, as befits a prototype dressed in a special protective case that completely conceals its design, the true size and even some opportunities. This case is designed to prevent premature declassification, and therefore to make it just will not work. Therefore, even if the prototype is not returned, remove it from the case without damage to the new owner, most likely, will not work.

On the other hand, such openness is Honor can not push on doubts about the reality of what happened. Rather than simply announce a reward for the return loss, the company told the entire backstory, for some reason, adding that would-be staff member came to stay with relatives for the Easter holidays. So do not be surprised if a man named Dr. Moritz Seidl in the state of no Honor at all, but a prototype was never lost. Especially such a primitive way.

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