Honor 8 X – Honor 8 X features of a strong price terrible

هونر 8 إكس

Company has presented the honor at the recent phone 8 X, so does the price of the phone is a good choice to last or report it as a valued gift to someone close to you?

Phone Honer 8 x one of the best phones category is expected to released in 2018, but it offers strong performance and Quick will your eyes comfortable when I received them the first look .

Design Honor 8 x

The modern bathroom is commensurate with the current fashion and colours included in its structure give it a touch of youth youth and girls, especially with multiple choices, the basic elements of interest to the user in the phone are strong, the design of all structural strong feel classy with the structure of the glass is sturdy and powerful camera Young the giant perform appropriate with apps and games.

The screen of the phone came a giant 6.5 inch accurately +FULL HD and take the front end significantly by up to %91 with the shapers severe tire that makes the phone’s screen is useful in the experience of Fight games and watch content such as movies, although the screen of the phone is very large but light weight with 175 grams only .

The performance of Honor 8 x

Running Android Oreo the performance of the phone is very good with a processor Kirin 710 is one of the best processors of this category of phones, and water power that powered with liquid cooling GPU Turbo, which lowers the temperature of the phone in the case of continuous operation of the phone .

The phone came with several copies of where the RAM and internal memory, the first 4 GB of memory internal storage 64 GB, and the second 6 GB memory internal storage 64 GB, and the second 6 GB memory and internal storage of 128 GB and the phone supports the installation of external memory up to 400 GB .

Card of Honor 8 x

The battery of the phone with the trade last long, with capacity reached 3750 Ma and helps the cooling liquid in the phone to reduce the temperature of the processor which increases the energy efficiency with smart technology to save energy which makes the battery lasts for up to a full day when charging for one .

Camera Honor 8 x

One of the essential elements take into consideration when buying a phone is the camera, presented the honor at her phone, picture quality is satisfactory, particularly in the feature my photography for Portrait and isolate the background with a resolution of 20 megapixels for the main camera and comes back with a double and a camera Silva presented the results of a powerful 16-megapixel.

The camera can powered by artificial intelligence to identify 22 different category and 500 scenario immediately and improve the settings of the image capture and its quality based on what the user export .

The smartphone uses artificial intelligence techniques to produce night shots excellent without the need of a tripod and using the technique to install the framework based on machine learning .

The price of Honor 8 x

  • Version RAM 4 GB and storage capacity of 64 at a price of $ 210.
  • Version RAM 6 GB and a storage capacity of 64 priced at $ 230
  • Version RAM 6 GB and a storage capacity of 128 at a price of $ 280

Colors of Honor 8 x

There are several options of colours black, blue and pink

Can say that the phone Honer 8 x one of the most possible phone in daily use and practicality suitable for the acquisition of the personal and suitable as a gift for someone close to you especially this period that abound in areas of gifting, offers features that a user searches for an average price .

Honor 8 X – Honor 8 X features of a strong price terrible

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