Honda review more details about its electric car Honda E

Reviewed Honda new details about the new version of the electric car Honda E, which was announced for the first time at the beginning of this year, which is applicable to the design characteristic of a small size.

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Open Honda recently door advance reservation policy by the new electric Honda E in the markets of Europe, which comes to the small size and design, with the cameras side replacement mirrors, along with a dashboard of possible design wooden.

Today, Honda more details about its electric car Honda E, where it reviewed the company’s specifications of the battery, with the power source in the car that comes across the rear tires of the car, as the car comes with four tires with a suspension independent support leadership perform better.

Also installed a car battery in the middle to support the distributed weight of the car more efficiently to lead the flow more stable with drag and perform better, also up the battery capacity to 35.5 kWh in Li-ion battery which supports charging via connector Type 2 AC, or fast charger CCS2 DC to support charging up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Come car Honda E ability to cut 124 miles each time charging, is the ability of reasonable development within the city, but it will not support the user in the journey of long-distance travel certainly, is scheduled to stop the car later this year in European markets only.


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