HomePod conquers the market of smart speakers

Less than two weeks of full presence in the sale of branded smart column Apple managed to acquire 3% of consumers, the study showed venture company Loup Ventures. Despite the relatively high level of adoption, Apple will have to do a lot of work to entice even more customers to their side.

As of February 2018 about a third of consumers from the United States owns at least one smart speaker. Most popular, which is logical, uses Amazon Echo, occupying more than half of the market. In second place is Google Home with a share of 23%. Speakers with a built-in assistant Cortana attract at least 15% of consumers surveyed Loup Ventures.

More interesting things with the user satisfaction. In varying degrees, work “smart” speakers satisfied with 89% of respondents. It should be noted, however, that most of the users does not show devices of this type are serious requirements. The main purpose of smart columns, in their opinion, is playing music and giving reports on weather, while other “smart” functions usually remain unclaimed.

Given the current consumer environment, the mood, it can be assumed that the next conference Apple will be able to boast of significant data on the distribution of their offspring. In any case, to find in the market column, which would sound equally efficientlyas HomePodwill be really difficult.

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