Home solutions luxury of the LG shine in the knowledge of Innofest Middle East and Africa 2019

Revealed LG Electronics is unveiling its collection of the latest dream luxury home in the exhibition “Innofest Middle East and Africa to 2019″, currently held in the capital Seoul, in the period between 9-11 April. The event offers an opportunity for partners, businesses and media outlets from various countries of the Middle East and North Africa to test the revolutionary technologies that are unique to LG and the strategies and priorities of the key action of the company in the next year.

As for the current year, it had LG’s definition of its product range clearly as the integrated services offer distinctive solutions to enrich the user’s life. Web gallery “ Innofest Middle East and Africa to 2019, scheduled on the territory of the garden of LG to the world, home to research and development initiatives undertaken by the LG, the more realism that characterizes the more recent innovation of the company. Reviewed by LG during the exhibition, which highlighted many of the home spaces on its design, its organs and leading household in a practical manner starting from the devices are enhanced by artificial intelligence ThinQ, and access to my collection LG SIGNATURE, LG Objet. And LG is consistently working to enhance the lives of the consumer through the provision of more effective welfare and, with its focus on design and performance.

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In section they areto the intelligence of the artificial ThinQ, enabled the artificial intelligence technology your in Ing visitors the experience of what will be the future life of the related across a variety of products that easily integrate with the region, and highlighted both brands are luxurious, two of which focus on the design, LG SIGNATURE, LG Objet to enjoy the marriage between the elegance of the design and effectiveness of the performance through the screen of the interactive display separate.

And enhance your TV LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (form 65R9), which proved to LG through his ongoing efforts to drive innovation and design. Receiving device, the first retractable TV in the world, more than 70 award and honored during the Consumer Electronics Show this year separately, to be this witness further on the capabilities of the company in the research, development and manufacturing techniques.

Attended the teacher, the expert Song Gil-Young, a specialist months in the field of “big data”, which he delivered a speech in which he talked about how big data can be a powerful tool to detect new cries and establish effective strategies. And made available to attendees also have the opportunity to do a tour inChangwon, the production facility the latest for LG.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed in companies in Nigeria Ltd, one of the largest distributors of electronic goods in Nigeria: “pick up LG’s deep commitment to the Prevention of the consumer more choice, greater luxury, and this is reflected in its wide range of innovative products that are user-centric”. He added in: “solutions are designed to LG in order to meet the needs of the Consumer growing which makes the job of promotion is not easy”.

Without him, the said Mr. James Lee, president of LG in the Middle East and Africa: “as must be clear to attend, during the exhibition InnoFest, we work continuously to develop our product range and innovating new groups to facilitate the consumer’s life”. Li added: “We will continue through the strategy we open our partnerships with institutions, providing solutions to local stress on our leading position in the sector of modern technologies”.

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