Hole, bangs, slider – what is the future of Android smartphones in the future

Over the past few generations of mobile devices, some of which ways to place the front camera in smartphones we have not seen. Some manufacturers use a classic “Bang”, others cut out the hole for the camera in the display, and someone does a screen without holes, and selfies-the camera puts in the slide mechanism. In this article I propose to look at different variations of these cut-outs and the location of the cameras and pretend we are waiting on.

Round and oval holes

The creators of the smartphone with a cut-out hole in the screen launched to the masses a special term to denote this cut – hole punch notch. English this term refers to the neckline which makes a hole punch. Yes, the same hole punch for paper, which we used when I was in school or University to put a dent in ospreys papers and then sew them to another practice.

The purpose of the travel selfie-camera in a hole in the screen is to display the maximum snug all four corners to the front panel of the smartphone. This accommodation the front camera became popular at the end of last year and continues to gain her, and to this day, especially through such devices as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10+ and Honor View20.

The cutout in the screen can be small enough to fit easily in the screen area where normally is located the status bar, and this does much to stand out against the background of the many icons and the icons in it. Although cutout in the display and can lead to its fragility, in Honor View20, for example, in this case used 18-layer matrix, which helps for a long time to maintain the structure and integrity of the display.

Classic bangs

As soon as this kind of cutout in the screen is not known, but one thing is for sure – this is the most popular method of placing front camera in the display today. For the first time “fringe” appeared in the smartphone Essential Phonethat was created by one of Google founders, and because of exaggerated expectations and a very mediocre spec was a failure. Now: by the way, rumor has it that the second version of the Essential Phone is already in development, what I told you about in a separate article.

Continuing the conversation about “the bangs”, the first such opinion for how to get a in the display, front camera, was received by the public very cold, but once the idea was picked up by other smartphone manufacturers, off it went, and brought us to what we have now – “Bang” there is in every other modern smartphone regardless of which enfranchised segment it belongs to. We’d like to mention made a noise in last year Pixel 3 XL, with which Google has decided to overcome the barrier of the adequacy of and make it the ugliest at the moment, the cutout in the screen.

Over time, manufacturers of smartphones were not in place and “Bang” continued to evolve, becoming no less popular now so-called keyhole in the screen. This solution is very similar to the usual “Bang” but much less, which gives more space under the display and makes the neckline less Intrusive. Some of the most popular smartphones with a keyhole – is OnePlus 6T Realme 2 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and some devices Samsung Galaxy series A and M.

Extendable camera

Extendable camera can be – so to speak – lessons from the smartphone by physical impact of the user or with the help of specially mechanism that is built into the casing. In short, the camera module can protrude from the body of the smartphone, when you launch the camera app or the smartphone may be in the form of a slider and then you will have to shift part of his body to show the camera.

This option is the location of the selfie camera has its advantages – the camera is completely hidden in the housing, and therefore the area of the screen relative to the body of the smartphone with this solution can reach 100%. The disadvantages of this solution are obvious – pull-out mechanism may wear out with time or, in the end, it can get some small object, which will cause malfunctions. In my opinion, the immediate future (until Samsung put a camera under the screen) for sliding mechanisms and smartphones sliders.

And how will smartphones look like in the future, in your opinion? Will they still “bangs” in the screens?

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