HMD: send data phones China happened accidentally and on Nokia 7 Plus

HMD: إرسال بيانات الهواتف للصين حدث بالخطأ واقتصر على نوكيا 7 بلس

Responded Nokia brand owned by HMD Finnish in a speech last Friday on charges that long by sending its personal data and sensitive users servers data in China to take advantage of them by the Chinese government, as a response to data sent to the servers, it was just from her phone Nokia 7 Plus has been accidentally.

He explained that to send the data originated from a glitch in the select software to activate one batch of Nokia phones 7 Plus led to send links activation servers in China, and noted that data sent did not carry any personal information or data especially reveal the personality of the user where the conduct of the necessary updates and the problem was solved last month.

Implemented Nokia to be any of the phones other send data servers the data available in China, where it is known that all its phones outside of China, send the phone’s data servers company HMD in Singapore which are subject to protection under domestic law.

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