HMD launches update Android 9 eBay for Nokia 7 Plus

Promised company officials HMD in the past month, to Phone Nokia 7 Plus will get the Android update 9 bay during the month of September 2018 to be the first among phones the police, but after a delayed simple, here is the update begs the owners of the phone.

Publish company official on Saturday a tweet announcing the launch of the Android update 9 eBay for Nokia 7 Plus. Attached to the tweet with a video review the advantages that will be enjoyed by the owners of the phone with the new update.

It is further mentioned in the video, put “Do Not Disturb” Do Not Disturb, new, dashboard, Dashboard, Battery Adaptive Adaptive Battery, and Navigation, brightness, automatic Adaptive Brightness.

In the screen shot published on the internet, it appears that the size of the update reaches the 1471.3 MB, which carries the version number V3.22C.

It is indicated that a police official warned in a tweet that the launch of the update will be gradual, i.e., that the update won’t reach everyone now, it would be the beginning with only 10% of owners Nokia 7 Plus then release the rest with the time.

Do you have a Nokia Phone 7 Plus of update? We shared your experience in the comments.

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