HMD Global Oy postponed update Android 9 Pie phone Nokia 8 because Phone Nokia 8.1

Nokia 8

According to a new report released recently citing a source familiar with the matter, it appears that the company HMD Global Oy has decided not to launch updated Android 9 Pie PER of Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 8 even though it is over of the development of the update for this smart phone three a while ago. It is estimated that the reason is the desire of the Finnish company to keep updating in the hope that it helps in stimulating sales of the phone Nokia 8.1 later.

Although it has been monitoring the phone Nokia 8 in platform performance tests Geekbench is running Android 9 Pie a while ago, I promised our company HMD Global Oy the issuance of this update for the phone Nokia 8 in the month of November, we are already in the middle of the second week of December.

According to the source, you may not get the phone Nokia 8, update Android 9 Pie until the last day of the month of December or in early January, which means after the end of the holiday season. The source claims that the update Android 9 Pie phone Nokia 8, was ready in early November as it was expected already, but the general attitude on the products in the company HMD Global Oy, Mr. Juho Sarvikas decided not to update version because of his belief that the decision to turn off the update will be the sales of Nokia 8.1 the logic that people prefer to buy a phone that uses a newer operating system.



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