HMD Global Oy has sold about 70 million phones Nokia since its founding two years ago

Nokia 8

The company was founded HMD Global Oy on the first day of the month of December of the year 2016. After just one month, the company launched the phone its first smartphone under the name of Nokia 6. Since then to now, the company has sold about 70 million phones under the brand Nokia. Take into account that this figure includes all of the smart phones equipped with Android mobile phones traditional.

Smart phones, the most popular are the phones that cost between $ 300 and $ 400. The phone has become Nokia 6.1 is the best-selling phone company in the world not to hijack this title from phone Nokia 7 Plus. I’ve had the phone Nokia 3.1 does a good job also, at least in Germany.

Not succeeded in covering the smart phone market low medium successfully, it has become the company’s HMD Global Oy now need to phone the Pioneer successful. Failed Phone Nokia 8 Sirocco to meet expectations, both from fans of the company and the company itself. And yet, I didn’t speak Finnish company for phone Nokia 9, which was the focus of many rumors and leaks in the past.

The company HMD Global Oy that a lot of their success is due to loyal fans of the brand Nokia, so they are focused on living up to this heritage by building phones high quality. But there is a problem, approximately 80% of the clients HMD Global Oy are 35 years old and above. These are the people who remember Nokia when it was at the height of its bid.

So, you want a company HMD Global Oy in to curry favor with the young people who aged less than 20 years old. Will the company focused on consumers between the ages of 20 and 35 years in the future.

Some credit goes as well to the company Google. Company cooperates HMD Global Oy with Google on the operating system used in its smart phones, and as a result, most Nokia phones launched by the company HMD Global Oy even now running Android Raw, this ensures for the company to get support for many years to come.


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