HMD begin the launch of Android update 9 eBay for Nokia 8 Sirocco

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I started the company, “H. M. de global” HMD Global Finnish, which owns the rights to produce smart phones carrying the brand to her compatriot Nokia, the launch of the updated Android 9 Bay phone “Nokia 8 Serpico” Nokia 8 Sirocco, adding to the number of phones the other got an update.

Got a phone “Nokia 8 Serpico” on update Android 9 eBay, because it is one of the smart phones that belong to the A series phones, the “Android One”, launched by the manufacturers of smart phones in collaboration with Google to offer the experience of Android raw, with the speed advantage to get the major updates for the Android system.

It is indicated that the company “H. M. D. Global” launched a so far eight phones within the premises of “Android Wen” Android One, “Nokia 6, Nokia 7 Plus” and “Nokia 8 Serpico” and “Nokia 5.1” and “Nokia 3.1” and “Nokia 7.1” and “Nokia 8.1”. And these phones got the update earlier, such as “Nokia 7 Plus”.

A number of the owner of my phone “Nokia 8 Serpico” on your forum phones Nokia their access to the update, where participated a screen shot of the phone showing the new version with the advantages that come by, Add to size.

The size of the update Android 9 eBay, Google launched the final version of it on 6 August last, towards the 1379.5 MB, which carries the version number v4.120.

The new features that come out of the update include a new system for the list of settings, and notifications, and include the feature “battery adjustment” and feature “automatic brightness”, in addition to the feature acts, predictive applications. And feel the update also security update for the month of December 2018.

It is indicated that the company “H. M. D. Global” which brought back the Nokia phones to the market under the Android system, has become famous as among the fastest companies in offering Android updates main.

The gate Arab News Technical HMD begin the launch of Android update 9 eBay for Nokia 8 Sirocco

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