Hint: way to delete apps iPhone with to keep their statements

If you want to get rid of the application, but you know you’ll be back to use it later, instead of deleting the app the traditional way, we recommend another way for you to keep all app data after deleted iPhone.

The importance of data retention application on your phone without deleting them lies in avoiding the treaty some of the procedures required to use it when you install the app again, for example, you won’t have to login again or to adjust the settings of the app to what it was before the deleted, as for games that don’t support save your achievements on the cloud, it can be your complete play from where you left off.

A way to delete apps for iPhone traditional

1 – Click on the app icon and hold until vibrating and show the sign of X.

2 – Click the X and then confirm to delete the app.

A way to delete apps for iPhone with respect to their statements

1 – open the Settings app and head to general > storage [device].

2 – Swipe down until you find the list of apps and select the app in question.

3 – Click on the Remove App (Offload) and definitely.

Finally, it should be noted that this method works the same way on both the iPad and iPod touch.

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