Hint: way Game games PlayStation 4 on the iPhone

Provided Sony application Remote Play, which allows experience games PlayStation 4 on the iPhone a few days ago. Which the application was available for phones Sony on Android years ago.

Not what I mean gaming experience PlayStation 4 is replaced by the device PlayStation whole, where all the app does is broadcast the games from the PlayStation to the phone to receive it directly, i.e. that a phone can do without the screen console, so until you get the enjoyable experience you must provide a Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable.

While supports Remote Play connect phones Sony console PlayStation 4 by Bluetooth, it doesn’t let it on the iPhone, where they appear virtual buttons to the screen.


PlayStation 4 running 6.50 or higher.

IPhone running iOS 12.1 or higher.

Broadcasting from the PlayStation 4 to the iPhone:

1 – make sure to install the application PS4 Remote Play on iPhone

2 – make sure that both the iPhone ended 4 connected to the same network.

3 – open the application PS4 Remote Play and click on the Settings icon top right of the screen and select the login account; and make sure that it is the same account used on the PlayStation 4.

4. after login account, refer to the company homepage and click on the start button, then the app will start to search for PlayStation-related.

5. if the connection fails (the condition may occur with the models of PlayStation 4 old) will kill the app on the iPhone the request add code to connect to the device; you can get the code by going to Settings > connection settings Remote Play > add a device, where will give you the code of 8 digits, you must add it to your phone and then click on the register to enable the connection.

6. after contact, it will appear directly control buttons to the default on the iPhone, and simple instructions to activate one of the modes to use, vertical face, where in the vertical position not to obscure the buttons and the screen, but the viewing area is very small.

7 – if you want to not save the connection when you enter the PlayStation 4 Rest Mode, head to Settings > Power Save Settings > nurses available in Comfort mode and enable run PlayStation 4 from the internet.

8 – if you want to finish a session of play, then leave the app simply, where every time you leave the app cuts the connection between the iPhone ended 4.

It is worth mentioning that the controller can be used MFI where the virtual buttons of the iPhone then, but it is not compatible with the whole, sometimes can’t use the thumb buttons (L3 and R3) which may impact on the experience of playing some games.

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