Hint: use the hand controller for the PlayStation 4 on Android

If you own a Games modern, often you can use your hand to control Android games on phones, tablets, and applies the description on the hand controller for the PlayStation 4.

Connect the controller to your phone or tablet, do not idea directly to use for games, as it requires support for gaming controllers, which can lose its settings each game.

Connect the hand control PlayStation 4 with a phone Android

1 – Go to the Settings app and look for Bluetooth.

2 – turn on Bluetooth and then scan for devices nearby.

3 – Click on the button PlayStation + share button at the same time for a moment.

4 – now, in anticipation of the appearance of the hand control within the available Bluetooth devices on your phone, then click on them when they appear to start pairing.

5 – during the moments will stop and the light control module would notice the phone successfully connect.

You can then use the hand controller PlayStation 4 to the inside of the Android system, as well as the custom control for games on phones tablets.

It was noted that some of the games offer complete freedom to customize the functions of the buttons, but some impose functions in ways that are not appropriate such as Game modern Kombat 5 that requires you to aim and fire via the two buttons common and options.

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