Hint: re-open apps are displayed recent time vertical phones Samsung

After receiving the update to Android 9 with the interface of One of the UI devices become Samsung know applications open a recently developed horizontal application displays only one page, which is impractical compared to the vertical that it includes several apps per page, but what not many know is that Samsung allows to return the display vertical position.

Require you to return the display time vertical use application 2019 Good Lock and then search inside it for adding a Task Changer, but apply a Good Lock is not available in our area, so you can use the APK version of the application addendum also point out the steps:
* The condition below requires the Android System 9

1) if you can’t install an app Good Lock store Galaxy because of the geographical area, here’s the application NiceLock from the Play Store to the same water.

2) look for the add Task Changer apply a Good Lock and then install them, or download the addendum as a APK from here for use with the application NiceLock.

3) now open apply a Good Lock or NiceLock and click on “Task Changer” and then activate the option “Not in use” and select the “Layout Type” and then choose “List” from the pop-up window.

Done! Supposed to see a show open apps recently actually vertical, where the 5 apps per page, and you can drag vertically to move between applications and horizontally to remove them.

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