Hint: how to solve the problem of non-Code Access Control Twitter

Since the beginning of this week, I could not enter to My Account Twitter because of the lack of code access identity verification that is sent to each person who activated the feature of two-step verification. At first glance, I thought that the problem is due to the phone company that I deal with, but in the end, I decided to look and it turns out that the problem of Twitter. If you encounter this problem, the solution is simple, and not worth waiting for several days like my case.

How to solve the problem of non-Code Access Control Twitter feed.

  • Try logging into your account through this link, or this link.
  • Supposed to receive immediately a message containing a verification code.
  • Enter the code in the space provided, and the opening of the account.
  • And forget to enter a page feature of two-step verification from here, get the codes and backup save them in your device, and use them in the event of not receiving a verification code The next time.

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