Hint: how do you prevent autoplay the next episode on Netflix

Watch the series on Netflix might be addicted and drained weight, not the reason why the quality of the series necessarily, where in the default mode after the completion of the episode of transmitted automatically to the next layer in a few seconds, but what they do not know the mission that there is a hidden settings prevent it.

Unlike most settings, the option to disable autoplay for the next layer you’ll find it under Account settings on the website, and can be accessed from applications on phones or computers or smart TVs.

Way to disable automatic startup of the following on Netflix

Directed to the position of Netflix and be sure to login, then click on the icon account top right and select “account” (Account) in the following page select “Playback Settings” (Playback Settings).

On the next page you’ll find the quality options, and below the Autoplay option for the following (Auto Play), to edit it be sure to remove the Teach box, then click on Save (Save).

Thus will be the implementation of the settings on all the devices that used to have the account, if the account Netflix includes more than one user, for every user to choose account before you follow the steps above.

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