Hint: How do you know that your computer is know breakthrough.

The internet is huge, and a great place to get information and talk with others. While most of us uses this network to do their business without thinking of hurting anyone else, but the other wants nothing more than infecting devices with malware to breach and access to sensitive information. If you think you’re in trouble, and that the device may know hacked, here you will find a list of the possible symptoms that may appear when you know your device hacked.

Sending spam messages to your friends

No one likes to receive spam messages, especially if the message is from a close friend or colleague. But, in case you noticed that there are tons of this kind of messages coming from your email it is likely to be a computer know breakout.

Stops antivirus from working

Did you stop antivirus you are using to work on his own? Check for any problems like update required, but in general this is a clear sign that your computer been infected software malicious.

Install the software automatically on the computer

Have you noticed some of the programs alien which works continuously in the background? Do you often consume a lot of resources? Are you asking permission to pass through the firewall? Maybe a malicious software that infiltrated your computer, you install other programs aimed at access to certain things are different in the computer.

The mouse cursor works on its own

If you see the mouse pointer moving around the screen, clicking on programs or links and other things probably is very bad, it is sure that your PC is controlled remotely. At this point, you need to factory reset by installing a new version of the operating system.

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