Hint: how do you know if your device Asus affected by the hack last

A few days ago, we learned that ASUS was exposed to penetrate a large affect on millions of laptops affiliate.

Although Asus has already issued a fix for this problem, it is advisable to check if you are one of the users of gas are lucky who have hacked their device, after receiving the update through the tool Live Update Utility.

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According to Kaspersky, the hackers they hack into the server of the company and were able to broadcast update seems to formal for users, but it carries malicious software which may cause problems for users.

The company has launched a tool that lets users know whether their devices are exposed to be hacked, so if you have a computer from Asus, follow these steps:

– Download tool Kaspersky my by clicking here.
– Open the pressure on the file.
– Run the program as another program.
– Through moments will be the programme of the examination will be common if your device is hacked or not.

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