Hint: how do you change the button function S-Pen in Note 10

Samsung has added a number of gestures for Pen S-Pen device Note 10 is that you kind of liked the broad spectrum of users notepad 10, but what if I want to change the functionality of S-Pen or increase the number of its access to the best possible use of the loan? This is what we will face you in this hint.

The application developer bxActions is an excellent application works on reprogramming the button Bixby in Samsung phones issue a new application with the name sideActions, which perform the same functions as the previous app but with a greater customization for Note 10 which came with variations of them to remove the button Bixby and also changes the power button on its own.

How do you change the button function of the pen S-Pen in Galaxy Note 10 is?

The first thing you need to do is download the application sideActions from the Play Store, this app features that supports all of the buttons in the note and not just the Pen button this is where you can:

– Reprogram (change function) buttons raise and lower the sound
– Reprogram the power button (Power Button)
– Re-programming the Pen button

The app gives you more than 35 options to adjust them both to button the pen or any of the other buttons where you can make your pressure on the Pen button captures a screen shot, open the phone application, running Assistant Google.. and more.

So you run the app and make it works stably and smoothly, you must then download the app to open it and head off to prepare for the “Easy Remapping” and then connect your phone to your computer and follow the steps noted that this operation is done only once and will not be repeated at any subsequent time, and if you’re worried about your data and your privacy don’t worry, this app is safe so that he does not request access of the internet even.

It is also possible about this app is that it allows you to adjust the functions let the continuous “Long Press” and push two-state “Double Press” which means that you can get this app for 12 important you can succeed by just pressing the buttons on your phone without having to touch the screen!

If you have no or no+ you’ll have to try this excellent app, if you have a phone no or Galaxy S9 or any other phone comes with a button Bixby you can download the application bxActions and do the same operations on them.

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