Hint: blocking mode video automatic operating view and Chrome

Already the Firefox browser counterpart to the Google Chrome support blocking videos automatic operating directly from browser settings, but there are additions trick browser Chrome can be a block category of video automatic operating.

Blocking videos automatic operating browser Firefox

1 – make sure you update Firefox to version 66 or newer.

2. and you web site that runs videos automatically, click on the exclamation mark next to the address bar, and then select Permissions, then select blocking “run-auto-health”.

This will lead to the blocking of the videos that play audio, but the water won’t work on sites that are running the video in silent mode, like Facebook, will not interfere with broadcast services that allow the transition from automatic video to time such as Netflix and YouTube.

Blocking the videos automatically operating on Chrome

1 – you can IS videos automatic operation for each site individually by clicking on the tab the left button and selecting “Mute a site” (Mute Site).

2 – the blocking of autoplay for all sites in general, it is an experimental feature, requires the introduction of the “/chrome://flags” on address bar, then search for “Autoplay Policy” and change settings to “Document User Activation is Required” as a workaround you can use the add assessment of autoplay videos.

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