Hint: a way to use add-ons Chrome for Android devices

Perhaps the best thing about Google Chrome on the computers desktop on the mobile version of the site is to provide a large library of plugins, but there is a browser who support add-ons Chrome Android, and the latest was Browser Kiwi.

Use add-ons to Google Chrome and intuitive and very browser Kiwi, where you’ll find the option plugins list three vertical dots, and you can through it to reach the Add-ons Store and research; according to the most of the plugins work perfectly, including add-ons blocking ads and change the theme and use a virtual network to the VPN, except for those that require her job included a list of the right button in the web browser case, where it does not show the list click lengthy when browsing on Android.

YouTube before and after adding the change of the appearance of the skin

Not Browser Kiwi First supports add-ons Chrome, it is the kiss came browser Yandex the most famous with the support of the water, but many of the features of the browser to make the interface heavy and might not appeal to some. And don’t forget to apply Firefox supports add-ons for it (not add-ons Chrome) but it does work perfect on Android.

If you choose browser Yandex can access plugins from the list of three vertical dots too, just like the browser Kiwi who recently started to get support from the water gradually, so it may be delayed by a few days for some users.

Install add-ons Chrome browser Kiwi services

1 – guide to store add-ons Chrome put desktop.
2. Select the addendum.
3. verified, to its list of three vertical dots within the option Add-ons.

Another way:

1 – open the menu three vertical dots and select Plugins.
2. from the next page, click on web store Kiwi then look out for the addendum.

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