Hint: a way to reduce the size of pictures camera Galaxy S10 to half

Samsung made support output videos the camera encodes HEVC with phones Galaxy S9, to downsample the volume of videos by great. Series became a Galaxy S10 supports the same water for Health also.

According to Wikipedia, the technique of audio format with high efficiency, the restoration of the HEIF, and can hold twice as much information compared to the concentration of JPEG, which means that the sound quality won’t less using the new focus, if changed, would be for the better.

Activate the option to change the encoding of the videos and photos as we will see, it can less storage capacity for videos, to half, even more in the case of videos. If changing the formula may represent a problem in case the user wants to watch what is depicted, but can be solved easily as mentioned.

Reduce the size of the photo Galaxy S10

  • Open the camera application the phone Galaxy S10 or +S10 or S10e.
  • Click on the Settings button in the top right corner.
  • Drag down even the option of drilling down to the images section.

  • Activate the photo option organized a high-efficiency (HEIF).

After now, you’ll find that the pictures stimulate the formulation of heic. Instead of. jpg, the But we will explain to you the way you watch her as last below.

Reduce the size of videos Galaxy S10

An option is also available in phones Galaxy S9, and accessible services:

  • Again guide to camera settings.
  • Get in on the options of video recording developed.

  • Activate the option videos format high.

Share photos and videos

Because some applications do not support any heic. Better to convert images into a format jpg. Before their participation, which can be implemented automatically without your intervention after you follow the below steps once:

  • Open the gallery app.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right and select Settings.

  • And activate the option convert images HEIF when you share it.

Thus, when you share a photo from the gallery app or the camera will be converted into a format jpg. Before their participation.

For video, the HEVC coding standard use the same MP4 format. So you won’t find a problem shared with most applications and services.

But on the edges of the Windows, requires install the additions from the Microsoft Store: add HEIF Image Extensions images, andadd the HEVC Video Extensions video. or alternatively, you can use third-party software, such as VLC and K-lite to play the videos directly. While support computer Apple TV View Photos, Videos, and as mentioned without any aspirations.

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