Hint: a way to prevent burn movies and series online

With the approaching date of departure the Avengers End value in the movies, and display the first loop the value of wealth, then problems like this can share it directly, with the proliferation of leaks especially leaking the end of the end value, which is unlike the story of Marvel which has a number of her films 22 film to the status of superheroes the door in the face of the secondary in a final battle to save the universe as a whole, if you are eagerly waiting to watch the film in the movies, you’ll need to find a way to avoid war on the internet, so here’s how to prevent burning and set the events of the movies and series in AI on the internet:

Install add Spoiler Protection 2.0

Is Spoiler Protection 2.0 add in the Chrome browser and Firefox was recently updated and has been classified with a high degree 4.5 star, after you install it you can click its icon in the upper right of the Chrome, and add keywords related to the Avengers or the value of the wealth that you want to block, and add-on all internet sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, where is placed a large red box for any content contains your keywords.

Use the tool to muted words Twitter feed.

It may be easy to avoid some of the internet sites so you can watch the film, but may not be able to stay away from Twitter for a long time, fortunately, you can use the tool to muted words to prevent burning the film, and to do so, Inverness on the icon of your Profile, then go to Settings Privacy, then privacy and security, and then scroll down to the section security, and then click muted, then muted words, and then you can add the words of the hashtag, and the Prohibition of their appearance in the tweets or notifications, however you will still see tweets with the word blocked.

The College will remain blocked in this way indefinitely, or until you cancel the blocking by hand, but you can also specify the duration for 24 hours or 7 or 30 days, if you have plans to see the movie or with the end of the series and don’t want to worry about cancelling the blocking later.

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