Hint: a way to create PDF files iPhone iPad

To coincide with the transition of many services to be available online, and in other scenarios, you may find yourself having to turn the paper or material level to digital can watch it online, there is no in this case what is the best of the PDF format, which we’ll explain here the way to create the iPhone and iPad.

Since iOS 11 provides a Notes application (Notes) of the Apple TV function to scan any paper or document can then be converted to PDF file easily.

Way to scan documents application Notes

1. open the Notes application and then click on the icon to create a new note the bottom right of the screen.

2 – Click the + icon that lets you add an extension note.

3. select Scan from the pop-up menu.

4. Now point the camera to the document is in landscape mode and hold of your iPhone or iPad even be constant, and taking the picture automatically, or if you want, you can click on the capture button yourself.

5 – after scanning the image will appear in miniature at the bottom left of the screen; you can click on it, to show the top button of approval on the result of scanning the image, and another to capture the image.

6 – repeat the process for all pages of the document, then click on the button to save the bottom right when finished.

Save notes as a PDF and share

After scanning the document, it is advised to convert it to a PDF file to cause problems by e-mail or text messaging, here are the steps:

1. the top page of the document, click on the share button.

2 – look for the option to create a PDF from the share menu and then choose where to save the file in the following steps, and then confirm the party.

3 – you can copy PDF files to different cloud services. As well as share with e-mail applications and messaging in one of two ways; after the file is saved you can reach and participation, or after clicking on button create a PDF from the list of mascara, you can click again on the share button and choose the app which you will be through his file.

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