Hill Racer — when a lot of free time

Well, that time has come once again to consider high-quality game for Android. This time we will talk about the game Hill Racing. It attracts high-quality and tense gameplay. To Hill Racing, the player controls the ball. The levels themselves are a mountain terrain, which, when the level shift alters the topography, increasing the difficulty and changing the color scheme.

In the game we are competing with several bots, which are computer controlled. Our task is to reach the finish line first. The difficulty of the game is to control the ball. In order to accelerate, you need to keep your finger on the screen. However, the result was the maximum, you need time to let your finger in front of the cliff, so that the balloon could soar into the air, accelerating your journey to the finish flag.

This is the difficulty of the game. While it is unclear exactly where the ball will land. There is a risk that you will be on the uphill, which dramatically reduces the speed of the ball. However, in flight, you can tap the screen in time to the ball again, pinned him to the ground and he was able to accelerate. To press the flight to the moment when the ball flies over the mountain, in order to soften the blow and make the connection with the earth most smooth.

The graphics in the game are interesting, but nothing unusual in it, she just does not stop, and this is already seen a definite plus. The only thing that can prevent players, it’s the constant advertising that appears when a failed race. And failures in the game will be a lot, because as you progress through the levels, the opponents become stronger.

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The Application: Hill Racer
Developer: Huuuge — Tap Tap Games, Ltd
Category: Racing
Version: 1.1.7
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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