Highlights provided by Google users through 2018

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أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

Experienced company Google a lot of events through 2018 some of it was located within the list of achievements where they launched a lot of products and services to users has also issued new updates to its services depends a lot on artificial intelligence to improve the experience of Use, and others of these events were located within the list of failures that we have already reported some of them in the biggest scandals of technology companies.

We will review the day highlights the achievements of the company Google through 2018:

1 – Ask a lot of new hardware in 2018

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

Ask Google a lot of new devices through 2018, which was praised by a lot of users didn’t download it from features, in addition to that the price is commensurate with what is offered by these devices and between these devices are the following:

  • Your Home Hub, which is the best device Assistant through 2018

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

During the month of last October Google revealed unveiled its new device carries the name of Google Home Hub which can control all smart home devices – without the need to open a lot of apps on your smart device – can watch videos on YouTube, and peruse your schedule Schedule, weather, and traffic nearby, has been integrated assistant Google Voice, Google Assistant, so that gives you all the information you’ll need in a jiffy.

As stated this device is priced at $ 150 which is the price of variety too with its features.

  • Tablet Pixel Slate

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

Google revealed during the month of October last also Computer new tablet carrying the name of the Pixel Slate, the that came screen great, speakers, front dual cameras; the accuracy of each of 8 megapixels, the sensor fingerprint.

Google has done also in an external keyboard and a pen that works specifically with Pixel Slate, in the footsteps of Apple, as stated in her computer tablet, the iPad Pro, to become a computer Google tablet a strong competitor computer the Apple iPad Pro.

The starting price of the tablet Pixel Slate of 600$, while the keyboard comes at the price of 200 dollars, and values Pixelbook Pen at $ 100.

  • Phones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, which has achieved outstanding success compared with Pixel 2, which released last year

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

Introduced Google through 2018 the latest smart phones, namely, Pixel Pixel 3 andPixel 3 x El Pixel 3 XL, featuring the two phones a lot of new features such as dual front camera, with the features of Google for Digital Images, Image Processor Pixel Visual Core developer by Google, is able to almost perform trillions of operations per second, plus they were the first phones running the Android operating eBay 9.0.

So it’s among the list of best smartphones that have been launched in 2018, as they have the best cameras when compared to any smartphone available in the market currently, especially with their support for the filming of a new Night Sight, which will significantly improve the quality of the images captured in dim lighting or without lighting, with the help of machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence which will help to maintain the colors of the pictures and all the details, this will be without having to turn the camera flash.

2 – updates in a broadcast Chromecast, updated with a completely new develop it on iOS

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

Google launched the first device to the Chromecast the Chromecast in 2013 with the aim to facilitate the running your favourite content from your phone directly to the TV using the thousands of apps compatible with it, and has continued to set hardware logo Made by Google in the growth, where is their support the best software and artificial intelligence techniques together, and in 2018 there was a new version of the Chromecast carries the new design and the new colors are more elegant.

It was also the launch of a new update to apply the Chromecast ChromeCast on the operating system iOS iOS that runs on Apple devices smart iPhone, iPad in addition to iPod Tut, where was change the design of the user interface completely, adding new features such as what’s On that allow access to other TV programs or movies that they can share, and Get Apps that allow access to the apps to install and watch premium content from some service providers, contractors, and Google.

3 – new design for the email service Gmail and the addition of many new features that rely on artificial intelligence

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

During the month of April, Google announced about a new update for its Mail Gmail Gmail, which carries many advantages in terms of Design, Effectiveness, and adopts some artificial intelligence techniques to provide the largest users and help them to increase productivity.

One of the most important features of the new Smart Compose that uses machine learning and predictive text to complete your Messages automatically, and a Nudge to the important messages, and a secret mode Confidential Mode to ensure important messages.

4 – the development of voice assistant Google Assistant

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

During the month of May, Google announced that add a range of new features that rely on artificial intelligence techniques to help her Google Voice Assistant, where he can now make phone calls on behalf of the user such as contact restaurants or beauty salons for dates and making bookings.

One of the most important new features that have been added integration with Google Maps, and Google Duplex that can make calls on your behalf to accomplish more daily tasks, and constant conversation Continued Conversation, and add 6 new sounds of which the voice of American singer John Legend, John Legend, and these sounds would be the closest the human voice due to the dependence on artificial intelligence techniques, and many other can be found in this article.

5 – feature Subscribe with Google Subscribe with Google to try to follow the latest news

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

During the month of March, Google made a new feature name Subscribe with Google to try to follow the latest news about the world, allows them access to all the magazines and the contents of the news paid anywhere on the websites, apps and even search results.

6 – the announcement of new features for Google Maps rely on artificial intelligence and virtual reality

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

Google announced during its conference for developers this year, which was held during the month of May for a great new feature called Virtual Positioning System will be included in the Vam, which allows users to use the phone’s camera to where you will spend the big stock characters and animations that appear on the screen to guide the user towards the right directions so he can reach his destination.

7. develop Google Lens integrated into the camera Android phones

أبرز ما قدمته جوجل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2018

Through 2018 has been the development of Google Lens to camera combination that has become the most important thing to smart phones and artificial intelligence techniques to spy on texts and objects, in order to enable the user to recognize the surrounding world by the camera only.

Service has been launched Google Lens for the first time on the phones Pixel 2 in 2017, but has been put up as a favor to the built-in camera Android phones other non-Pixel during this year, have also been added to the Gmail application on iOS, which would allow users of iPhone and iPad tablet a new way to search and explore the things surrounding them.

The gate Arab News Technical highlights provided by Google users through 2018

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