Highlights of the 6 updates are expected to add camera phones for iPhone 2019

Expected to continue the company Apple strategy annual disclosure-related for phones for iPhone new during the month of September, a tradition retained by the company since 2012, and a lot of analysts that camera phones you will get many promotions.

And even then; will appear rumors and reports regularly – as usual – about the updates that will be added to the iPhone, there were rumours the iPhone 2019 will feature wireless charging reverse for the first time, it is likely that the working processors Apple’s new local, which will perform better. But is expected to be changes to the camera are among the most important milestones in an event Apple TV this year.

Cameras have become one of the most important features, which include their smart phones now, and most reason users have to upgrade their phone, was Apple the pioneer in the improvements in camera phones over the years, which included significant additions, such as: portrait, Portrait Mode, where both companies compete not at this time to include it in its phones.

Here’s the highlights of the 6 updates are expected to add camera phones for iPhone 2019:

1 – rear camera three lenses:

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Is expected to iPhone new this year will be in the back with three lenses, just as is the case in phones, Samsung Galaxy S10, existing in the market currently, according to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, andBloomberg, and Ming-Chi Kuo Ming-Chi Kuo of the company KGI Securities.

Includes phones iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max currently rear camera dual lens basic accurately 12 megapixel, and the secondary telephoto to enlarge.

It is not entirely clear any of the identity ofthe three new will be the camera system of the tripartite, where it was reported that this feature will be limited to phone top price, it is likely to be this phone’s successor the iPhone XS Max.

2. the camera lens is very wide:

The reports from the newspaper Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo that the second can be a lens with wide angle, similar to the existing Samsung Galaxy S10.

The details available about the lens the wide angle, which is expected to be in the iPhone until now are very few. But if it looks like the lens existing in the Galaxy S10, you can expect to capture exciting pictures as soon as you see much wider than most of the smartphones competition. Apple can also use this feature to enable the operating system to repair the photo digitally, in positions that may be cut, according to Bloomberg.

3. the sensor of the new camera:

Expected to work the camera of the tripartite to enhance augmented reality apps on phones iPhone New, allowing recognition of the more profound things the default setting, which will help to capture images with greater depth. Accordingly; the reports indicate that Apple is in talks with Sony about the selection and development of new sensors.

4. improve front camera:

Reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo; that camera phones the iPhone new Will, where the will accuracy to the 12-megapixel camera, a significant increase for the accuracy of the 7-megapixel existing lineup of phones, the current Apple TV.

5. the improvement of face recognition system Face ID:

Says Apple also made improvements on the face recognition system for the iPhone next, where will the phones sensor Face ID updated, to facilitate opening the phone, and approve payments over the phone more smoothly, according to Bloomberg.

6 – increase the duration of clips and Live Photos:

Also expected to; to work the Apple TV to increase the duration of the video clips, which are captured by Live Photos, because the current of 3 seconds considered too short for some, but it is not clear is Will this update in the version of the operating system platforms iOS 13’s?Thus you would be available to all iPhones, or that it will be on new phones only?

Is Live Photos one of the camera features presented by Apple in 2015 with the iPhone 6S, which allow you to capture memories of the moment of occurrence, through the moving pictures accompanied by a health period of 3 seconds.

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