Highlights of the 6 differences between the OnePlus 6 و6T

The company launches OnePlus annually two of its phones leading, where holds the first name it the number, while the addition of the letter T of the updated version of that add several features and specifications of the New, after the launch of the OnePlus 6T today, let’s learn together on the highlights of the 6 differences between it and the OnePlus 6.

1) design

Design is one of the most notable updates to the OnePlus 6T, where A is the sheet extremely smaller circle includes the front camera, which means increased screen space that comes 1080×2340, compared to the Strictly 2280×1080 phone OnePlus 6.

2) ports

For the first time in its history, create a OnePlus from the outlet of the heavens in version 6T new, but as a solution to this problem, the company offers cable converter USB-C port 3.5 mm inside a phone box.

3) the system

In terms of software, comes the OnePlus 6T with a new version of the interface OxygenOS based on Android 9 Pie, where was the support of a number of gestures and the elements of the new design, despite the fact that these advantages will in the end to the OnePlus 6, but it will remain exclusive for a new phone.

4) battery

While the OnePlus 6 battery with a capacity of 3,300 mAh, comes the OnePlus 6T with a larger capacity amounting to 3,700 mAh.

5) layer of protection and insight

Come OnePlus 6 with a layer of protection Cor a glass drinking 5, which was the latest at that time, but by T Updated has been added to the previous generation of the same, which helps to protect the reader insight compact network of solidarity, even in the event of protection layer self-scratching.

6) storage capacities and the price

OnePlus 6T hands-on: first impressions

Different storage capacities internal to the proportion of 6T for Version 6 of the former, instead of to start the storage space when the 64 gigabytes of address space, we find that it has become start at 128 gigabytes at a minimum, which is also increasing the price of less a copy of the 529$ (1,985 Sar) in the sixth to 549$ (2,060 SR), which means that there is a difference of$ 20 (75 SAR) exchange for twice the storage.

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