Highlights of 6 security features in a system of macOS Catalina from Apple

With the development of the digital world quickly; became providing full security for computers is almost impossible, every operating system has vulnerabilities that can be exploited to penetrate, this is why the Apple TV work on a more secure system (Mac or s-Catalina) macOS Catalina – the latest version of the operating system for its computers – which is planning for release by next fall.

The company revealed the Apple TV during its conference for developers WWDC this year, from a range of professional features in the new version of the operating system macOS Catalina, and most notably the support applications the iPad, and the replacement application (iTunes) iTunes three apps to entertain, and my voice, and additional enhancements for the applications.

We recognize today’s Highlights 6 security features will be released for macOS Catalina this fall, the biggest changes that you may notice in the new permissions for applications such as: recording apps screen, or the keyboard, or applications that write data in areas of system sensitive files such as: documents, or folders to the desktop.

Whether you are a developer or just a client to Apple, some changes will look familiar if you have experience using with devices iPhone and iPad, because some of the security improvements follow the general trend for Apple, which is the approximation of the system (Mac OS) MacOS operating systems to mobile devices (iOS) iOS, and(iPad or ABS) iPadOS.

The provision of a good level of security is a real challenge for tech firms in general, where you have to find the right balance between securing good hardware, and the use of ordinary human beings.

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It is worth noting that the newer products of iPhone contain elements of built-in security tighter, which is excreted through the App Store, but it’s harder with Mac devices, where the multi-purpose devices, the availability for ordinary users, developers and power performance.

The following are highlights of 6 security features coming in the version of the operating system macOS Catalina from Apple during the next autumn:

1. check in the user data:

Need apps phones to your permission before allowing him to use the camera, a feature to prevent app developers from doing things such as: spying on you, or access your data, the system macOS Catalina will provide permissions similar for Mac.

Specifically; it will have to be on the app permission, special applications: screen recording, or writing, but use the normal keyboard for typing does not require permission, but any application monitor keyboard keylogger you will have it.

As is the case with smart phones, you must consent to the permission only once, and you can cancel the permission at any time if you change your mind, through the settings.

2 – data protection:

نظام الملفات

For more safety and protection of your data in the version of macOS Catalina, will launch applications that want to access sensitive data, and file storage for your permission first, this feature already exists on smartphones, where applications need to permission to gain access to contacts, photos, calendar data, and other important data.

For the coloring; you’ll need applications to permission to access a number of areas, including: folders, the desktop, or folders, documents, downloads, or (iCloud Drive) iCloud Drive, or the drive, or cloud storage systems like: Google Drive, study books, makes OneDrive.

3. the feature activation lock:

أبرز 6 ميزات أمان مرتقبة في نظام macOS Catalina من آبل

Exist in Mac devices new chip T2 Security a security feature (called Activation Lock) Activation Lock; in order to maintain the security of your device even if it falls into the wrong hands, as it can increase the chances of you back of the device, and even if you wipe all your data remotely, you can use this feature to prevent anyone from reactivating your device without access to your login data, namely: the Apple ID, and password.

There’s a chip T2 Security in the latest Mac devices such as: device (MacBook Air) MacBook Air on his design, which came to market through 2018. Hopes Apple TV Help feature activation lock to deter thieves who will learn they can’t use Mac devices stolen, or install a new version of the operating system.

With the application (Find My) new, can track the location of your Mac is lost or stolen securely and anonymously, and send the information to the owner through Apple devices, even without an internet connection.

4 – strengthening the Gatekeeper to increase the security of applications:

Come the later versions of the system (Mac OS) with the advantage of built-in security called Gatekeeper, designed to examine the harmful applications.

In the past it was a feature Gatekeeper works to scan apps when you install them on your Mac for the first time, but starting from the version of macOS Catalina, will feature on the scan apps when you install them, and then do it periodically, and that to extend the protection of the source application; to include the operations of the examination of the mechanism of what is present within the app.

You Apple TV also an option that allows authentication mandatory for developers in version of Catalina, and the process of documentation from Apple to verify the applicability of the known harmful.

5 – stronger protection of the system software:

حماية النظام

Refers to the system software to the files, and programs that constitute the operating system, and includes: file system, components, functions, and services of the system, drivers, accessories and other hardware, preferences, system, configuration files, other.

For the special user interface, which allows the operating system to interact with other devices is called (the program offers low level) low-level system software, and in this part he writes some developers Aquada software allows the device to handle specific devices such as: webcams, or printers, and in this case there are Apple developers approach safer.

In versions of Mac OS MacOS was Apple allow developers to write Aquada software dealing directly with the program the low level of the operating system using extensions to the kernel or kexts. But now I started the Apple TV in the Prohibition of extensions to the kernel gradually in favour of extensions to the system, so that the operation of these programs completely separate from the operating system like any other application, nor can its impact on the operating system if something goes wrong.

Said Apple: “the version of macOS Catalina will be the last version of the Mac OS running accessories kernel without any concessions, either in future versions the Apple extensions to the kernel”.

6 – a section dedicated for the system files:

The file system – which controls how to read data, and write to storage systems – a distinct part of the operating system, and version of macOS Catalina’s new restrictions are designed to prevent malicious software from taking advantage of file system.

Storage File System (Mac OS) in the custom part of the storage unit Read-Only read-only volume, which paves the way for features that prevent malicious software from overwriting the Mac software basic, or modified. It also facilitates re-set the hardware MAC in the same way used in the iPhone.


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