Highlighted 5 programs to combat viruses on the iOS system in 2018

Like the other operating systems, can be affected by devices iPhone head iPod operating system running any OS to malware and viruses and a range of other threats whether it be through malicious websites, the ads misleading and harmful files, etc., and fortunately there are plenty of antivirus programs in the Apple Store for applications that can enhance security on the devices listed, in this article, we present to you the leading anti-virus 2018 on any system or ABS. [divider][/divider]

Avira Mobile Security

Application Avira Mobile Security offers users a number of security advantages, including examination of the processes that spin in the background of system to make sure it is free of any malware, also check your list of contacts, and a system check to make sure that your device is running the latest of iOS, as well as the possibility of tracking the locations of devices or devices of your family on the map until a maximum of 5 devices, along with the possibility of free communication with those devices via the app. [divider][/divider]

Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone

This app provides an interesting mixture of privacy and functionality related to security offers a tool to hide files and photos securely and includes a secure browser that allows to surf various sites without the participation of the announcements includes a tool to help find the device and locate it if stolen, and when you buy the paid version of him you’ll get cloud storage for backup and use more sophisticated tools to maintain privacy and other. [divider][/divider]

Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection

The application of comprehensive security provides a powerful security tools to address gaps and monitor suspicious apps, and show an alert in case you connect to a WiFi network serious, coupled with the effective range of instruments anti-theft and locate the device, the formation of a development that works even if your device is in Silent mode with the ability to display a custom message on the lock screen to help you get on the machine again, as the app includes a backup options to keep your contacts and photos are safe from the risk of loss. [divider][/divider]

McAfee Mobile Security

Enhances the application McAfee Mobile Security Free the performance of your smartphone or tablet equipped with a system running any OS with special characteristics to prevent theft, finding the device when it is lost, protect privacy applications, anti-virus, enhance the performance level of optimization, and security, it also includes the application of the protection against uninstalling the possibility to manage the security of your device remotely from the web portal on the website mcafeemobilesecurity.com or through an SMS message by using any smart phone or tablet, it also provides protection from the attacks of Wi-Fi networks:the application is characterized by one use of a simplified ad-free. [divider][/divider]

Trend Micro Mobile Security

This application features the built-in browser includes a filter to prevent you from accessing harmful Web sites or unwanted and the ads and websites from tracking you, as it scans the settings of your accounts on social networking sites facebook and twitter and report on any potential risks relating to privacy, as it includes other anti-theft feature and can locate lost devices via GPS and wifi and network cellular connectivity, is available a paid version which includes more sophisticated options.

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