Highlight the participation of Google in the occasion of April Fool 2018

Buy the month of April on the occasion of the world called April Fool, took advantage of the company of this occasion in the making of a lie on the form of ads clever greed in marketing for the brand, are Google of the most active companies in terms of participating in this occasion, we restricted in this article the main problems of Google to 2018.



Keyboard Gboard

Speak the language of the Japanese 46 characters so you think Google that it’s hard to memorize all the places the characters, so he has invented a small device that you can connect with your computer, so you can scan or scroll to keyboard characters to draw Japanese characters easily, as it claims that the device has analyzed more than 100 thousand the process of drawing and thus can predict with the correct characters easily, this was a lie as a declaration to develop Gboard actual available on iOS and Android since it already uses the process of drawing in the writing of Japanese characters.


Application Files Go deleted a bad joke from your phone

Tell Google that the application Files Go not only to edit your phone files not only necessary to increase the storage space, but he designed a deep network of languages, including English, Spanish, to select and filter good jokes from the bad ones thus says the app with any bad joke in your phone to improve your mood throughout the day, this was a lie as a declaration of application Files Go to delete the files, apps, unnecessary older of your phone to increase storage space.


You want the company to re-design The logo and the name of browser Google Australia to be the Googz where the source says the Australian Jazza it was to accept the request of Google in the re-design of the logo and added that the way the pronunciation of the name is not a lazy method, but the culture ingrained within the People’s the Australian and it is located on Google enjoy with the culture of that people.





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