High number of complaints of problem in connection with LTE in the Galaxy S10 Plus

I started many reports about the problem have users Galaxy S10 Plus spread on the internet, where the confirmed phone users on the problem, lead to not to contact the phone network to LTE.

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Samsung revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus during the month of February, and then launched the phone for sale has already lately, however, the problem in the Galaxy S10 Plus started to spread among users of the phone significantly, as assured the phone users that phones Galaxy S10 Plus face the problem in communication networks LTE.

Has confirmed many of the report of phone users to their own units come with a reference connection with weak mobile networks at Sprint, other reports suggest that the phone does not connect efficiently with the mobile networks for both AT&T and T-Mobile.

On the other hand, conducted some tests on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which is revealed on the affected by the signal strength of the networks a different way to carry the phone, however, Sprint confirmed its plans to address the problem by updating the software comes later.

Recall that some phone users have resorted to addressing this problem by disabling Band 41 وBand 25 via the list of blocked to program data, where these steps have been effective in addressing the phones connect to the Sprint in particular.


I know of

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