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The abbreviation VPN today at all on hearing. Particularly active on the virtual private networks talking because of the scandal with Facebook, after which the attitude to personal data became more serious. HideMy.name — powerful member of the family of the VPN client. In addition to access any resources the app allows you to save money on services abroad and be confident in the security of their information.

HideMy.name makes the Internet free. With it users protect personal information, get access to blocked services and get rid of possible surveillance.

Special mention deserves the security of public Wi-Fi networks. The essence of a VPN is to create a secure connection within the existing network. The result can not be afraid of the threat of fraudsters and conduct in any cafe usual banking transactions, from payment of utility bills and online shopping.

To start HideMy.name the correct account. If the time for registration there, and to test the service you want — select the “Test” mode. After specifying the e-mail address will receive a password that will give you free access for 24 hours.

The program provides an impressive list of servers in different countries. Here is Austria, great Britain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Norway, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and other countries. To access Spotify, Pandora, Fox, and Hulu are just a click away.

To minimize subsidence the speed of the connection will allow the selection of countries nearby. But if necessary, choose any page loaded quickly and confidently.

After connections are in a protected virtual network. This means that the fraudsters can intercept the important data, and loading the desired website will not be interrupted at the right time. But there is another bonus — savings on services.

Sounds strange, but the cost of goods and services in the Internet depends on the location. Prices usually increase for the residents of advanced countries, but it happens and Vice versa. Let’s find out.

Try to rent a car in Rome on 1 and 2 July. First, connecting from Italy.

Now change the location to USA. The difference is visible to the naked eye.

The same goes for renting apartments, booking of tickets and sometimes just buying books. If you have time to study different options depending on the location, we recommend you take advantage of the opportunity. The money saved is better spent on an extra tour or a snack. Food is never too much, especially abroad.

The use of the service is worth the money. If you pay for a single day, the amount of 49 rubles. If six months 990 rubles. For the money the company gives access to 95 servers in 40 countries, unlimited bandwidth and support for up to 5 devices. The program works on Android, Windows, iOS and macOS. You can pay virtually any means — even with Bitcoin.

HideMy.name — a reliable VPN client for a variety of needs. The program will protect personal data, safe from the long clutches of the hackers and will help to save money on vacation.

Application: HideMy.name VPN
Developer: HideMy.name
Category: Communication
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
The service site: Go

Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 54 human

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