Hidden features of Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is most popular browser in the world. They are used by millions of people, the decision is frequently updated and carries a lot of hidden features. This may include popular flags, ad blockers and more. In this article presents answers to various questions and a lot of interesting capabilities of the browser, which many were not even aware.

Does Chrome ad blocker?

Yes, standard in Chrome for Android works built-in ad blocker, but it filters only hinder the use of online advertising. Primitive banners he touches, which, however, is a good way to please both users and resource owners. If you need an aggressive ad blocker, you can use third party browsers. For example, Brave or Firefox.

Does it support Chrome extensions?

No. Unfortunately, the Android version does not support extensions. Especially strange to see this on the background of Firefox, which supports various add-ons including ad blocker uBlock Origin.

How to export bookmarks?

When you first launch Google Chrome will prompt you to sync all data with your device. If the PC user uses the same account, passwords and bookmarks are automatically synchronized, including the browser history.

Flexible configuration of notifications

Sites support notifications via Chrome. To control them in the settings of each site, for example, notification support the mobile version of Twitter and Facebook.

Hidden features of Chrome

Hidden basic capabilities of the system are located in the section with the flags. Go to it via the link “chrome://flags”.

Read mode

A love Safari for the reading mode, but Chrome also supports it. For this section with flags find the “screen Reader mode” and set the value “Always”. Then on the websites at the bottom of the screen will be prompted to activate the reading mode.

The approach page

Some sites may not support zooming, in this case, in the settings, under accessibility, you must activate the “Force zoom”.

The download page

If the user is in the mountains where the Internet connection is not always stable, the browser will automatically offer to download the page with the advent of the Internet. This will significantly simplify access to resources.

Saving in PDF format

Some articles is so great that users have the desire to read them later on a large screen ebook reader. In this case, the page can be saved in PDF format via the “Share” by clicking on “Print”. A window will open in which you need to open the drop-down list at the top and choose the “Save as PDF”.

Save traffic

Chrome has built-in savings. You can activate them through the settings under “Savings”. If enabled, the page will first go to Google for their grips, and then displays the user in a compressed form.

Experimental features

Different beta functions that the company is testing and will launch in the future in the standard version of Chrome, can be estimated in advance using the browser Chrome Canary.

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