Hidden features in iOS 13 you know it

There are a lot of great new features in iOS 13, and we have mentioned in previous articles –link-. Including Dark Mode, the ability to log in using the Apple video editing and share photos on the AirPods and updates in Apple Maps, mail, and Memoji new updates in the application shortcuts. However, there are some new features hidden in iOS 13, which I didn’t know about Apple and discovered by users know it.

ميزات خفية في iOS 13 تعرف عليها

ميزات خفية في iOS 13 تعرف عليها

Send callers not known directly to voice mail.

If you do not wish to receive calls from anyone not listed in your contacts list, especially from the communications mechanism, it is the appropriate option which will save all this by going to Settings – Phone – and then silence calls from unknown numbers and send it to voice mail.

Scroll to “phone settings” and turn on the ‘silence is connected to the unknown”. You will see the warning below which is a “will to silence calls from unknown numbers, and send them to voicemail, and will be displayed in the list of Recents.

Drag the pointer to any place

Different ways to pull the index writing, you can prolonged pressure on it until the appearance of the lens and then move it to any place, then added the Apple prolonged pressure on the button the distance or prolonged pressure on the keyboard and use the advantage of 3D Touch for devices that support it, as well as you can click on any word to bring down the cursor to the centre of winging it, all this was and still is. In iOS 13 added apple another way namely to the pointer itself and dragging it to anywhere you want.

A new way to download applications

You can no longer move to the application to the App Store and see the tab update or Update, it replaced by the Apple Department arcade. To update your Apps, Click your profile at the top to access the account. Then drag down to select the page. Within the recent update, you’ll see the option to update the floor, and you can also update each application separately. If you want to remove the application from that app, drag it to the right or to the left depending on the language of your device to delete it.

A new way to rearrange the apps

The old way to rearrange the apps on your screen was through prolonged pressure on the app until all the apps then drag it to any place. In iOS 13, the same beginning, by clicking the prolonged to one of the applications, but you’ll get a pop-up menu directly. Set them to “rearrange apps” so who cares and here you can drag apps around this app and create a folder by dragging apps on top of each other. Or wait in prolonged pressure a few seconds longer until you start applications in vibration like the previous.

Fast wireless connectivity

Instead of getting to the settings every time to connect to the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, there is no way faster than that, open the Control Center – then long press on the contact box to view its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and cellular data and aviation and AirDrop. From here you can prolonged pressure on any icon of these to get additional settings, for Wi-Fi you will see network and Bluetooth you will be shown a list of devices available tradable, and for AirDrop, you can turn off the receive entirely, or switch between using it with everyone or contacts only.

Stripping audio from all data when you share it

This option of privacy is long overdue, especially in the era of Instagram. Select any number of photos that you plan to share from the Photos app. Click the “share” button at the bottom. Before participating, click “options” at the top; you’ll get the option to embed the location data or not. Lead to the removal of the data definition GeoIP “geolocation and specify IP address ” and therefore difficult to track your actual location.

Capture a screen shot of the long

I waited for a feature like this, so if you’re in the browser and I wanted to take a screenshot of the entire page, it’s available in iOS 13. After capturing the image, in the editing screen you’ll find a thumbnail of the entire page from top to bottom, not the visible part on the screen, save this image in the Files app PDF to see it later.

Use any Bluetooth mouse

You can now use any Bluetooth mouse for the iOS. This feature works even with a wired mouse if you connect it to the port of Lightning. Turn it on from Settings – Accessibility – touch – then Assistive Touch, then you are running. Then scroll down to the Pointer Devices Bluetooth devices, so you can connect a mouse or joystick. Once you pair the device, make sure you customize the mouse clicks so that they reflect the best way to use your fingers.

Certainly this is not all the features hidden in iOS 13 and if you know feature is what we said, Tell us about it in the comments.



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