Hidden feature Turning iPhone wires for tool spy

Containing smartphones features exquisite subtle request that burden long on the phone to discover them, and we are today on a date with one of these features that have been very popular on Twitter after he referred to someone.

Water is called the “Listen Live” (Live Listen), came with iOS 12 in last September, can be use iPhone as a spy with a headset Eyre best wireless, but its true purpose is to help the hearing impaired to enjoy the others in noisy environments.

After activating the feature, you can leave the iPhone in the vicinity of you want to listen to him, to hear clearly remotely via the headset Eyre been connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

To activate the feature first went to Settings > Control Center > the allocation of the elements of the Control Center and then add “enjoy” for + green.

After connecting the Ayer best, head to the Control Center and the icon of the ear to activate the feature.

In order to get the pure sound that should guide the microphone as far as possible to the mouth of the speaker, as you can’t get away much because of the adoption of the communication on the Bluetooth technology, which is not about D in cell phones more than 10 meters.

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