Hidden feature allows you to reduce illumination of the screen of the iPhone to it’s darker than lower the brightness of the

Often we use phone iPhone the last night we are in bed, but sometimes the screen of the iPhone bright and annoyingly, even in the least degree by the brightness.

According to Business Insider the US, it is lucky for you, there is a way hidden in the settings of the iPhone to make the screen very dark. It is an easy way to follow and working well already.

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First, go to the Settings app

خفض إضاءة شاشة iPhone إلى أعتم من أقل درجة

Click on the “General” General

Scroll down to the bottom and press “Accessibility” Accessibility.

Press the “Zoom” Zoom

In the settings “zoom” and make sure it is enabled, and make sure that the zoom area intended to “fill the screen”. That’s all there is to it!

You can make the screen brighter a little bit

In the main screen, or in any application, press 3 times on the screen with three fingers. List will appear semi-transparent in the middle of the screen. Click on the”select Filter” Choose Filter.

Supposed to find the stomach to “none” None. But click on the “lower lighting” Low Light, and see what happens.

You’ll find that the screen has become it’s darker than ever before.

Still the brightness settings in the “control center”, so you can make the screen brighter or little darker. If you make the brightness in the least degree during activation choose “less light”, you’ll see the screen is completely black almost.

To score the surfaces to normal, just tap again with three fingers, and will provide a list of the zoom again. Select “Choose filter,” then select “nothing”.

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