Hidden details your phone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – first part !

Sure phone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus a new turning point in the history of the family of Galaxy S, since the registration of the first phone we know that it will be more Samsung phones distinctive from previous generations, then came the official announcement of the phone to confirm it.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus enjoys a lot of nurses, improvements, renewals, known to everyone, but if you are one of the users of the flagship phone, there’s some information, features and special tricks mess S10 that will help you the most out of the device and more comprehensive the difference between him and any phone Galaxy precedent.

So you collected a bunch of information and details and tricks of the major Galaxy S10 Plus, which we will use with you in two different themes with the beginning of the next lines.

Hidden details phone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus :

التفاصيل الخفية الخاصة بهاتف Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Hidden details your phone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Wallpapers device-specific

The first thing featured in the Galaxy S10 Plus is a dual front camera that comes in the form of a hole in the screen, that new design that I didn’t know his phones before, created the need for a new set of background images appropriate for the presence of two points of the top of the screen.

You can get special wallpapers for your S10 Plus from here.

If you don’t like the design of the camera hole the top of the screen even with this, you can hide it in a different way.

If you go to the “Settings screen” and I select “full screen”, you can choose the option to hide the front camera.

This will put a black stripe thick large in the upper part of the phone, it is certainly not a perfect look, but it is very useful especially when watching videos fit the whole screen.

التفاصيل الخفية الخاصة بهاتف Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Hidden details your phone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Change the size of application icons

With the Galaxy S10 you can change the size of icons to display applications on the surface of the phone easily choose between more than the size according to your preferences.

To do this, long press on home screen and select settings, here you can choose between the sizes of the icons are different, it’s a simple feature but probably doesn’t mean much.

Notifications fast

Offers S10 Plus with its interface and new feature notifications\Notifications fast, which allows you to access the notification from the notification bar instead of moving to within the app.

To activate notifications fast, go to home screen settings and enable the option in the notification panel the quick, now can know the details of the notifications easily from the outside.

Gestures Nav Gesture

By default, the still Galaxy comes with three buttons familiar on the screen, but enjoyed the interface, One UI a selection of gestures to easily between phone software.

You can now switch to the use of gestures by going to Settings, then click the screen, then on the navigation bar, here you can specify the interface and new gestures.

Night mode

Come interface One new UI on the Galaxy S10 Plus advantage know that a lot of people asked for it, namely the night mode.

You may have to enable Night Mode is the best single thing you can do to prolong the battery life, so here’s a way to do this: go to Settings, then click Display Settings, then switch to switch to Night Mode.

This will change the background in settings, and notifications, and some other places to black color, and it will be easier on the eyes to deal with the phone at night.

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