HiAssistant may be response for Huawei on Google Assistant and Siri and Alexa

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Market digital assistants fragmented bit at the moment, many companies choose to create digital assistants own instead of using digital assistants of other companies. For example, Google has its Google Assistant, and Amazon have by the Alexa, Apple TV has Siri, while the company has Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, and Samsung digital assistant Bixby.

Now it seems that Huawei can turn to enter to the market of digital assistance with help of its digital HiAssistant, at least according to a report released recently based on the Developers Forum XDA Developers who discovered evidence for the existence of the digital assistant HiAssistant inside some files taken from Android 8.0 Oreo of the phone Huawei Mate 10. However, you should take into consideration that it comes here for the Chinese of the operating system, this may mean that HiAssistant may be exclusively for the Chinese market.

Based on their findings, it appears that HiAssistant have the ability to understand natural language. What this means is that instead of having users to the pronunciation of words is complete, the artificial intelligence of the user of the digital assistant allows the latter to understand what is required by the user in a more natural way.

Revealed discovered also that HiAssistant will be integrated with some existing applications such as QQ and WeChat, which are very popular in China. This discovery in fact is interesting because it confirms what we hear so far, which is that Huawei is trying to establish a digital assistant of its own, but this discovery suggests that the process of release could occur in the near future.


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