“Hey Siri. Okay Google” – Google Assistant received support Siri Shortcuts

Google has released an update that should make its virtual assistant more useful on iOS devices.

Until then iOS users can add the widget Google Assistant on the left screen (or on the day). Now the wizard has learned how to work with Siri Shortcuts.

In order to begin to communicate with a virtual assistant, you need to write a phrase such as “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”, and then when you say these words to Siri, Google Assistant will start. Thus, an unlocked iPhone you can say “Hey Siri. Okay Google” and Google assistant, will be ready for your commands.

Also you can now configure Siri Shorcuts for phrases that you often say assistant. For example, you can configure for the “Goodnight Google” multiple actions (turn off the lights, change the thermostat temperature, etc.) in the Google Home (section Routines) and then when you say “Goodnight Google”, Siri will activate all the commands.

To try out the new features, you must download the latest version of Google Assistant for iOS.

Source: The Verge

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