Hero is approaching to reality with work on the experimental track in France

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Announced hero to transport known simply as HyperloopTT, which is working to build a system of deep sleep high-speed capable of transporting passengers between European cities at speeds up to 670 miles per hour, it is about actually having started the process of creating the first optional course in the city of Toulouse in France, to begin with the revolution of transport in Europe, the company has issued a video shows the arrival of the first components of the system, which is a series of huge pipes.

And HyperloopTT as company Research American formed using a crowd-sourcing collaborative development of transport system on the basis of the concept of deep Hyperloop revealed the American billionaire Elon musk in 2013 and is centred around a non-traditional traveling at supersonic speed, so that is a way to transport the new paradigm shift in the field of passenger transport and an alternative to high-speed trains present.

According to the concept developed by Elon musk in 2013, these huge pipes will form a vacuum sealed free of air links between the two stations, and send capsules of passengers and travellers at speeds up to 700 miles per hour, and the company HyperloopTT to capsule passengers full-size on the verge of completion, although progress towards achieving the vision and concept of Elon musk was very difficult, but that is not surprising in light of the size of the big challenge.

The mask may be stated at the outset that it would not participate directly in the follow-up to this idea, but the company SpaceX is a space SpaceX affiliate, which subsequently were organized competitions to design and build trails to choose sheep, and more recently became a mask and his Boring construction of tunnels more involved in the idea, including getting a permit to build a station deep future in Washington DC.

The company HyperloopTT taken from the city of Culver, California-based one of the prominent independent which operates to push this concept forward, while the company was able to other Hyperloop One of access to the cemetery early, where she worked to attract key talent, thereby becoming an integral part of the Virgin group, the Company completed the track testing in Nevada during the month of April of 2017.

It should be noted that the track checksum with HyperloopTT a total length of 320 metres and to test the capsules of the prototype and other technologies will be the third space should be completed in all parts of the world, although the company come behind to buy a Hyperloop One in some respects, but it has maintained its place, and has focused heavily on deals development outside the United States, including Europe and South Korea.

Hero is approaching to reality with work on the experimental track in France

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